Bands for Grip Training

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Strength starts at your fingertips! Are you a climber? Do you want to become a better climber? Do you want to get more reps in? If you want to increase your crimp and grip strength, you need to train your extensor muscles!

You can train your EXTENSORS & FLEXORS with our Grip Training Bundle.

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Finger flexor muscles are most focused on by climbers and rightfully so.

Lack of finger strength is the biggest contributor to your climbing limit. However, your antagonist muscles of the lateral forearm that extend your fingers and stabilize the wrist are just as equally important.

Perfect for:

Martial Artists
A deficiency in your extensor muscles are a covert limiting factor in grip strength and can lead to lateral elbow pain and injury in your later years. In fact, tendonitis and carpal tunnel are some of the most common injuries among weightlifters due to the strain caused by the repetitive movements under heavy loads!

The vast majority of activities, only require us to use our flexors which causes a musculature imbalance in our forearms. This can lead to strain over time causing further pain in the joints